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The UnderTaker

Ring Name(s) Kane the Undertaker
Master of Pain
"Mean" Mark Callous
The Punisher
Texas Red
(The) Undertaker
Billed height 6 ft 10.5 in (2.10 m)
Billed weight 299 lb (136 kg)
Born March 24, 1965 (1965-03-24) (age 45)
Houston, Texas
Resides Austin, Texas
Billed from Death Valley[3] (1990–1999, 2004–present)
Houston, Texas (1984–1990, 2000–2003)
Trained by Don Jardine
Debut 1984

Finishing moves:

As The Undertaker
Hell's Gate (Modified gogoplata)2008–present
The Last Ride (Elevated powerbomb) 2000–present
Tombstone piledriver
Triangle choke
As "Mean" Mark Callous
Callous Clutch (Jaw clutch)
Heart punch

Signature moves:

Big boot
Corner clothesline
Dragon sleeper
Fujiwara armbar
Guillotine leg drop onto the chest of an apron hung opponent
No-handed over the top rope suicide dive
Old School (Arm twist ropewalk chop)
Reverse STO
Running DDT
Running jumping leg drop
Running leaping clothesline
Sidewalk slam


General Skandor Akbar
Paul Bearer
Paul E. Dangerously
Theodore Long
Brother Love
Dutch Mantell
Downtown Bruno

Nicknames :

 "The Phenom"
"The Deadman"
"The American Bad Ass"
"The Red Devil"
"Big Evil"
"The Man From The Dark Side"
"The Lord of Darkness"
"The Demon of Death Valley"
"The Conscience of the WWE"

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